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EN Japanese Brasserie

Experience dining in our beautiful, authentic Japanese restaurant located in the West Village of Manhattan. Chef Abe Hiroki offers a modern approach to the rich traditions of Japanese cooking. Like we do in Japan, we cook with the seasons, and savor the peak flavor of ingredients.

We have created an extensive menu, featuring dishes as fresh tofu (prepared six times a night), Saikyo Miso Black Cod, Washugyu and Wagyu steak, an assortment of sashimi and signature sushi rolls and Kaiseki tasting menus. To compliment your dining experience, we have an extensive list of artisanal sake and shochu, signature cocktails, wine and full bar.

CLOSED on Christmas Day

EN will be closed for both Lunch and Dinner service on Christmas Day, Friday, December 25th.
Regular service will resume on Saturday.

EN will also be closed for lunch service on New Year's Eve, and all day on New Year's Day.


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New Year's Eve

Thursday, December 31st
5pm and on

Every year, New Year's Eve is a big, festive night here at EN. A fun highlight is the mochi rice cake pounding that takes place in the dining room. Chef Abe and willing guests take turns using big wooden mallets in a stone mortar to pound the glutinous steamed rice into mochi, which we serve as one of our dessert courses. Mochi symbolizes sticking to ambitions and sticking together!

For those staying with us to ring in 2016, we crack open a big sake barrel at the stroke of midnight as per Japanese tradition (and partake in the contents, of course). It is symbolic of opening a passage to good fortune.

Chef Hiroki Abe has created wonderful prix fixe menus for the evening. Seatings before 9pm have a choice of either a $130 or $180 menu. Seatings after 9pm will be enjoying our $180 menu and are expected to stay until or past midnight. Both of the menus have an optional sake pairing for $75 and $105, respectively. Our sake pairings are carefully selected by our sake sommelier from our extensive sake menu, and they will be very nice since it is a special occasion! We are vegan-friendly and have a vegan prix fixe menu ready as well. Our regular dinner menu will not be available, though there will be a la carte light fare available in the bar.

To view the evening's menus, please click here.

The last course of our menus is soba. Soba is Japanese for buckwheat, and most commontly refers to buckwheat noodles. Although it is an everyday staple food, it holds a special meaning on New Year's Day. The length of the noodles symbolize longevity. We enjoy the pleasant marriage of tradition and excellent food at our New Year's Eve celebration!

Our first seating is 5:00pm, and last seating is 11:00pm. Popular slots fill up fast, so do inquire soon!

To reserve a seat, please call 212 647 9196 x 1 or reserve online.

We will be closed for Lunch service.

lunch menu, reborn!
Monday thru Friday, 12pm - 2:30pm

EN opened its doors for lunch service in 2009, and since then, we've had the pleasure of serving our "teishoku" tray lunches to beloved regulars and visitors manifold. Now, at long last, in reponse to countless inquiries and requests - and thanks to your continued patronage - we are proud to announce that we are expanding our lunch menu to include most of our favorite dishes from the dinner menu as well!

The items now available include Garlic Shiso Fried Rice, Stone Grilled Organic Chicken, Wagyu and Washugyu steaks, uni don, EN house salad, shabu shabu salad, tuna & avocado salad, kurobuta natto lettuce wrap, agedashi tofu, yama-imo isobe-age, mushi yasai and mochi croquette.

Remaining unavailable are our sushi rolls and clay rice pots.

Sadly, we had to bid farewell to lunch star-player Tonkatsu Sando (Berkshire pork cutlet sandwich). We send our apologies to any fans.

We look forward to seeing you at lunch, with more variety on your table!
Please note that the same changes do not apply to the Brunch menu.

And now, here is a short clip of Chef Abe finishing up a Garlic Shiso Fried Rice to simultaneously promote zen and stir up an appetite.

For reservations, call 212-647-9196 x 1